All-Natural Ways to Keep the Fleas and Ticks Off

For pet owners, especially of pets that explore outside, fleas and ticks are a dreaded adversary. Along with causing itchy and uncomfortable animals, fleas and ticks can carry a plethora of diseases to harm your furry friend. Using chemicals to keep fleas and ticks off is effective, however, there is no guarantee that it is 10″% safe for you or your pets. To keep your animals happy and healthy, try all natural flea and tick repellents.

Eggs and Larvae: Eggs and larvae make up the vast majority of the flea population in the world. By reducing the flea eggs and larvae in your surroundings, you prevent them from hopping on board your pet. For the yard, using nematodes is a great starting point. These are tiny worms that eat flea eggs and larvae, destroying 90% of them in 24 hours. Inside your home, carpets can be treated with boric acid, which keeps mammals safe but destroys pests. Wooden floors are often successfully treated with a safe product called Nylar.

Adult Fleas: Using a flea comb is the best natural way to help an already flea-ridden animal. Comb your pet on a daily basis, and dunk the comb in soapy water to drown the fleas that it catches. This is not a one-time treatment and can take up to a month to eliminate all fleas.

Tick Repellent: Combining the essential oil Rose Geranium with almond oil will create an effective topical tick repellent. A few drops of the mixture on your dog is enough to work. This is not safe for cats or pregnant animals. Cats are much more sensitive animals and you should confirm any topical repellents with your vet before applying them to your cat.